Sopan.G Initial Modules

Modules offered under the Initial Phase


Service Module



Student Profile Management

Every detail pertaining to the student is maintained. Library books issued/returned, activities participated in, attendance, responsibilities held, health records, feedback received, Interviews attended etc are all detailed in chronological order. At the end of a student’s tenure at a institution, a consolidated report on all his or her achievements and developments are presented and the Institution maintains a record of the student’s progress throughout the institution’s lifetime



Staff Profile Management

The staffs of an institution are its biggest asset and their achievements, development, progress, areas of improvement and feedback are collated to encourage growth. Assessment and feedback received through the 360˚ assessment is included forming a consolidated profile that can be referred to during their career growth.


Apart from this, important details such as: personal information, increments, promotions, warnings and show causes, ACRs, payslip details, PF, Tax, Loan Details, etc. can also be made available (if opted)



Curriculum Management and Teacher’s Log

Curriculum Management resembles a date-plan, where teachers can set dates and time-lines to complete a particular lesson.


The Teacher’s Log is a daily entry where teachers can mark the progress they make on a particular topic on a daily basis, enabling them to gauge their progress in completing the syllabus according to the time-line set earlier. This information is shared amongst the department and students encouraging best practices.



Report Cards

Extensive reports can be generated to track a student’s achievements in all areas: sports, extra-curricular activities and academics. The teacher is only required to feed in the raw data of marks, which is then converted to grades and then generates a cumulative grade point average. The report could also encompass the student’s personality, his abilities and areas of improvement. These reports are made available online, allowing the parent and students to access the information in real-time. The reports can be customised to suit your requirements.




Attendance once marked can be made available online for parents and guardians to be aware of their wards participation in institution. Shortfalls in a ward’s attendance can be monitored and appropriate steps maybe taken to identify the reasons and implement solutions. Instant SMS alerts can be sent out to apprise parents about students attendance and ensure maximum attendance in the classrooms


Attendance of the staff of an institution may also be automated. If the system is aware of a particular teacher’s absence, a substitution time-table maybe automatically generated. Also, the staff members leave records maybe maintained and online leave applications may be made available, simplifying the process and minimising paper-work.


The attendance system maybe synchronised with a swipe-in or a bio-metric system (e.g. finger printing) depending on the needs of the institution.



Library Management

An online database of all the books in the library is made available by bar-coding each book, thereby automating the process of issue and return. The efficiency is then increased, allowing more number of students to access the library. Other benefits are:

  • The exact location of a book maybe documented.
  • An online catalogue of the books is maintained, allowing the student to check the availability and status of a book.
  • A record of the number of books a student has read maybe maintained.
  • Taking stock of the books can be conducted with ease.
  • If a particular book is in high demand more copies maybe procured.



Centralised Communication System

Academic institutions like all other organizations have a number of stake holders, whose interests and needs are interconnected. Sopān’s Communication System capsule functions as the cog in the wheel that connects all the spokes to one central base. Teachers, students, parents and the management are provided with one single forum where information can be shared and gleaned.


For Parents

The Centralised Communication System empowers parents with information about their ward, which they can freely access, at any given point of time.  It creates an important medium ensuring that parents are in sync with the institution regarding their ward’s developments.


For Students

To enable students to be aware of their individual progress, the system provides each student a personalised ID where information and feedback on their grades, their areas of improvement (in both academics and behaviour) received during their assessments, tests, class and homework assignments are uploaded. Students may also use this medium to set personal targets or goals and mark their progress through the institution year allowing them to assess themselves and gauge their improvement in all fields.


For Teachers

This system gives teachers the benefit of creating assignments, preparing papers and uploading information on a test or exam from the comfort of their homes.

Assignments could be submitted by students online easing the process of correction and grading.


Teachers may use this interface to enable students with information and additional notes that students may access. A daily update on the lessons taught, homework assigned in a particular class may be accessed ensuring that information is easily available for those who require it.


For Institutions

The Management of the institution spends time, resources and effort in connecting with and contacting their various stakeholders with needs and information. This Communication Capsule optimises the use of the management’s time by enabling institutions to reach out to the various stakeholders with minimum and optimised use of valuable resources.


Bulk Mailing and SMSs

Bulk SMSs may be sent out to all the parents informing them of important developments, reminders or communiqué reducing the amount of time spent in sending circulars.


Similarly or alternatively bulk e-mails maybe sent out to all the parents informing them of an upcoming event, notices, or other information.


Institutions may also opt for personalised and customised e-mail IDs that are given to the teachers, students and parents under the institution domain, enabling smooth share of information between all the stakeholders.


News and Circulars

Important news and information can also be posted online, onto the institution’s website whether it is general information or group specific information. If the information is intended only for a certain group of individuals the settings maybe adjusted accordingly.



Information may be passed on to all the teachers regarding any information through an intranet-mailing system ensuring that everyone in appraised of any new developments. 



Online Admissions

The admission process can be streamlined and the number of valuable work hours spent in evaluating prospective students may be reduced through online admissions, whereby candidates fill up online forms and are then short-listed and graded based on set criteria.



E-Board Forum

An E-Board functions like an online notice board, where students can post queries and have them answered by subject experts in the institution. This board can be viewed by the entire student community, ensuring that the information is shared.



Fees Management

A significant part of the functioning of institutions involves finance and accounting. Based on the particular requirement of the institution Sopān, enables automated and online facilitation of fees and all other fees activities associated with the institutions.



Vacancy Management

If a vacancy in a post arises, the need for qualified personnel can be posted online with the facility for curriculum vitaes to be accepted online. The Vacancy Management capsule automatically shortlists the candidates based on measurable data, completing the first level of screening.



Placement Management

The Placement process can be streamlined and the number of hours spent on filtering the candidates as per the requirement specification of the recruiters can be reduced. Further the prospects and the recruiters can be provided with Personalised ID’s to access each other’s information and filter their choice.



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ERP for Higher Education

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