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A school’s Time-Table is an integral part of its functioning. It takes many hours and a number of permutations and combinations for a time-table to be put in place. Keeping the intricacies involved in creating a time-table and the number of valuable man-hours spent in its creation, Sopān offers two capsules:

Substitution Time-Table

Based on variables that occur on a day to day basis, such as teachers on leave, a programme or lecture for the students in the school, etc. a new time-table that will be used for that day can be automatically generated based on the given criteria, availability and competency level of teachers. All criteria and parameters to generate a substitution time-table are dynamic and can be customized especially to suit various requirements.

Master Time- Table Generation

Depending on the schools requirements, parameters and categories, the capsule can be customized specifically to automatically generate a master time table.

Question Bank

The question bank capsule is a database of questions that is readily available for teachers to refer to while setting exam papers, assignments and homework. Questions used in previous board exams, questions set by other teachers of the same subject are all available in one pool and are categorised according to the chapter, the topic and the desired difficulty-level. This significantly reduces the time and effort spent in sourcing questions. Additionally, a marking scheme can be prepared to ensure uniform assessment. New questions can be fed into the system ensuring that the database is constantly expanding and follows the changing pattern of examinations.

Question Paper Generation

A question paper maybe manually or automatically generated.

A teacher may manually pick and choose the questions from the question bank to create a paper, or the system may be configured to automatically generate a paper. The only input required to automatically create a paper is a certain set of criteria: the chapters, the difficulty level, the marks and the question type. The capsule (based on the set criteria) draws questions randomly from the question bank and generates a paper. Teachers may always use their discretion and manually make changes if required.

This paper is then archived for future reference with indicators on the frequent occurrence of each question.

The software may also be customised to conduct online examinations for students, providing a convenient medium for self- assessment as well as helping them prepare for future competitive examinations.

Resource Management

The performance of a school and its stakeholders depend on the availability and functionality of different resources. Since schools have hundreds of resources it is imperative to have a system to identify and monitor the upkeep of these resources. The Resource Management capsule enables students and the staff to raise a complaint against any resource malfunction for e.g. a problem with a computer, a light-bulb, a nail sticking out of a table, a shiny blackboard, etc. The capsule comes with a database of over 500 common complaints, therefore only the relevant problem needs to be selected and sent. The raised complaint is then forwarded to the person responsible.

Based on the priority level set against each complaint, any inaction is immediately reflected to the seniors for necessary remedial action. With timely action the amount of money and time spent in maintenance can be reduced significantly.

Inventory Management

Sopān has a school-wide inventory system through which requisitions can be made, verified and approved online. This capsule also includes features to receive quotations online and shortlist the best deals and purchases.

Infrastructure Management

The infrastructure set up in a school due to constant use is subject to wear and tear and requires regular maintenance. For example, information on when a building needs to be white-washed, when the computers need to be updated, when a vehicle needs to be serviced, when the taxes and levies are due when a service contract needs to be renewed, etc. maybe fed into the system along with the dates and a reminder will pop up a few days prior. Timely and constant care of infrastructure minimises expenditure and ensures longevity of services and equipment.

A database of infrastructure that has been serviced and a record of the funds spent on them is maintained. This information can be accessed when an inventory of the various resources is taken; those machines that cease to be economically viable may then be replaced.

Notice/Circular/Correspondence Template Bank

Effective communication is essential to build brand awareness and brand value. This is true of every organisation, especially schools, as they communicate with various stakeholders. Flawless and effective communication is the medium to create interest in what a school has to offer and achieved. To facilitate this, Sopān has created a database that comprises of templates for notices, circulars and other various correspondence used by schools on a regular basis. These can then be further customised to suit a school’s requirement. On a moments notice the variables maybe filled into the template and a draft is ready to be sent out.


Apart from the books available in the library, students may access over 25,000 books online that cover a wide spectrum of genres, absolutely free of cost. Features that maybe added include:

  • An inbuilt thesaurus and dictionary.
  • The correct use of words, shown through sentences.
  • To ensure that students are aware of the correct pronunciation of these words, a text to speech facility can be incorporated, so the book is read aloud in various accents.

News and Circulars

Important news and information can also be posted online, onto the school’s website whether it is general information or group specific information. If the information is intended only for a certain group of individuals the settings maybe adjusted accordingly.

Sanatorium Management


The health of a child plays an important role in his all round achievements. It is therefore important to assess a student’s health and conduct annual check-ups.  Sopān also provides a system that maintains records of:

  • The inventory of resources and other items in the school sanatorium
  • The frequency of a student using the sanatorium facilities and the cited reasons.
  • Common complaints identified and brought to the notice of the school nurse, and more.

Transport Management

Transport Management automates:

  • Vehicle Scheduling
  • Route Scheduling
  • Configuring transport fee slabs based on distance travelled.

If required a Global Positioning System maybe incorporated, which can track the position of the buses in real time.

Hostel Management

To ensure easy and systematic functioning of hostels in residential schools, Sopān has an integrated capsule that can format all the various functions of a hostel that include:

  • Allocation of beds, rooms and lockers
  • Canteen and tuck shop management
  • Health and diet charts
  • Documented contact information enabling easy access of information, are some of the benefits of this capsule.

Contacts Management

A school’s contacts vary from parents, resource persons, board members, vendors and more. Sopan provides a capsule to maintain this information, categorise them and communicate with them individually or collectively through various mediums like mail, SMS etc.

Photo Gallery

A school’s year is peppered with activities: Sports days, Carnivals, inter-school competitions, intra-school competitions, concerts and more. To ensure that these moments are immortalised Sopān has a Photo Gallery where all the photos of a particular event are uploaded and archived, giving access to all who wish to view them.

Accounting Management

A significant part of the functioning of schools involves finance and accounting. Based on the particular requirement of the school Sopān, enables automated and online facilitation of fees, payslips and payroll, leave record maintenance, receipts, journals, bills and all other accounting activities associated with the schools.


Every educational institutions charm, character and Unique Selling Proposition needs to be captured on a dynamic forum that can be viewed by any person who wishes to equip themselves with information on the institution. In today’s jet-setting age, the fastest and most convenient mode of communication is the internet, making it imperative for institutions to be visible on cyber space.

A customised dynamic website that captures an institutions spirit along with its strengths, infrastructure and management is a perfect medium.

RNS can develop a unique site for the institution with a dynamic content management tool allowing the institution to update the information as and when required.

Sopān, true to its name is always exploring new avenues and reaching new heights in the attempt to serve the noble system of education.

We offer a special set of services that you can enjoy even if you choose to purchase select set of capsules.

These services include:

  • Unique Primary Domain for your institution.
  • 1 GB Web Space to host your school website.
  • 50 Personalised Email ID’s under your institution domain e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • POP3 and Web Access to your mails.
  • First time template based design of your website.
  • Dynamic Website with Control Panel to manage your website with minimum external support.
  • Website includes features for Blogs, Latest News, Popular, records the number of Visitors to the site and more.
  • Unique user ID and Password for every stakeholder to access their account online on the institutions website
  • Operational Manual

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