About Us

RNS TechnoSolutions Private Ltd an ISO 9001:2008 company since its inception has been intrinsically involved in streamlining the functions of a number of organizations. Over the years, we have excelled in aiding organizations to stimulate growth by revitalising their processes, energising their resources and sharpening their visibility and market value in the industry.

Our Mission

To make our presence felt in various organizations and become an integral part of their functioning, by identifying opportunities for development, areas of expansion and heightening their visibility in the market place.

Our Vision

To be a cornerstone that supports various organizations by providing innovative, simple and effective turnkey solutions, to improve the functioning and productivity of all their associated verticals.


RNS TechnoSolutions key area of contribution lies in the ever-widening and increasingly demanding space of education. Our mission is to help academic institutions realise the vision of sustained, productivity-driven growth that can be achieved through the integration of technology with the procedures and processes of academic institutions. This integration can see the Philosophy of Education’s goal of “holistic development of individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced” become a reality.

Over a period of years RNS has tried to understand the intricate workings of academic institutions, and devised a programme that can help institutions across the country reach the highest standards of performance by creating Sopân (pronounced so-paan) and APPES (pronounced apps) a complete package of tools, strategies and road map for performance and productivity improvement.

RNS TechnoSolutions products most distinctive feature is that it is constructed to be student-centric, teacher-centric and management-centric. It helps create a learning environment that keeps in focus the best practices from around the world.

RNS TechnoSolutions is currently helping a number of academic institutions across the country make a difference in their performance and deliverables.

ERP for Schools

Sopan serves as a ladder to enhance performance and productivity of the school in entirely creating a new chapter in education..

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ERP for Higher Education

Sopan a comprehensive system focused on streamlining the procedures, optimizing the use of resources and automating the various administrative functions of an educational institution.

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APPES for Schools

Schools work best when teachers, students and parents know what is expected of them and schools has a way to measure how well those expectations are being met.

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